Procedure for Filing Road Traffic Accident Claims


It is advisable for a person who is involved in a road accident to file Road Traffic Accident claims because it is a very traumatic experience, often causing physical injuries, mental stress and wastage of time and money. Though the safety features of most of newer car models are better than the older models , passengers and drivers of a car involved in a accident can suffer from different kinds of injuries like airbag, whiplash and seat belt injury. In all cases unless the person who is making the road accident claim has sufficient proof to prove that the other driver or person was wrong, it may be difficult to get any kind of compensation.

There are many reasons why an accident was caused, many of them avoidable. In most cases, the driver was negligent, did not concentrate on driving and was busy with other activities like speaking on the mobile phone, eating , drinking, consuming drugs, changing music. Hostile weather conditions including heavy rainfall, snowfall and ice on roads can be a problem. Some drivers are extremely reckless while driving their vehicle, ignoring the road signs and exceeding the specified speed limit on their road, a form of negligence. Poorly maintained roads with pot holes and other problems can often cause vehicle accidents. Like all electro mechanical machines, one or more part of a car like the brakes, tyres, steering wheel are also likely to fail due to manufacturing problems, misuse or other reason.

Often there is a lot of confusion and chaos after a road accident, however unless the person involved should take the precaution of collecting information about the accident, it may be hard to make a claim at a later date. In addition to the car registration details, it is advisable to collect other information like the name, address , insurance details, phone numbers of all those involved in the car accident. It is recommended that details of the car like model details, brand, colour, year of manufacture and extent of damage that the car owner has endured. Detailed photos of the accident will be useful at a later date , and also help determine the exact location where the car accident took place.

If there are witnesses to the car accident it is advisable to get their contact details, especially for major damage to the vehicle. The accident should be reported to the police, for record purposes to prevent any dispute at a future date. The car insurance company should also be informed about the accident at the earliest. In some cases, the person driving the vehicle may not be the owner of the car, so the details of the car owner should also be recorded. The accident victim is also advised to contact a doctor for a medical checkup so that extent of injuries and cost incurred can be accurately determined for record purposes.

To get a Road Traffic Accident claims filed, the victim should contact a competent solicitor with all the information, especially medical reports of injuries, damage to the car or other vehicle. The lawyer will check the information available, check the previous records for road accident claims and ensure that his client receives compensation accordingly.

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