Our conveyancing team go the distance to assure that our clients have a satisfying conveyance experience. We know that buying and selling a house or flat can be one of the biggest, and perhaps most stressful activities that you are likely to undertake.

We can assist you with various types of conveyancing matters some of which include:

  • Purchase of Property
  • Sale of Property
  • New Build Homes
  • Buy to Let
  • Right to Buy
  • Help to Buy
  • Shared Ownership
  • Transfer of equity
  • Re-mortgages

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How long does conveyancing take?

The process usually takes between 8 weeks on average if the buyer and seller are chain free and there are no issues. The length of time to complete a sale largely depends on the chain that is involved.

What are the next steps?

If you choose to instruct us as your property solicitor we will start by drawing up a draft contract of our terms of service with you, outlining our fees and deposit required. The stages of the process of buying and selling property are outlined below.

Purchase of Property

We understand that buying a property is likely to be your single biggest and most important investment. We will discuss with you, at the earliest stage, your preferred timescales and will do our very best to ensure they are met, as we know that delays can be extremely inconvenient for all concerned.

Why do I need a property solicitor to buy a house?

When buying a house it is important to employ the services of a conveyancer or property solicitor. Purchasing a home is an exciting but stressful time, in particular for first-time buyers.

Your conveyancing solicitor will take you through the legal transfer of the property from the seller to the buyer. They will explain and resolve any legal issues that may arise.

How will a conveyancing solicitor help me to purchase a property?
    • Explain the home buying process
    • Review important documentation 
    • Conduct property searches
    • Property purchase completion
Why choose us as your conveyancing solicitor?

We help thousands of clients per year and we will work hard to get you the desired outcome and we will give you clear, jargon-free advice and guidance so you can be in complete control of your case.

A fixed price – We guarantee to give you a fixed quotation at the outset and stick to it.

How much are the Conveyancing Fees for purchasing a home?

The illustrative cost guide below indicates the estimated costs for purchasing a residential property.

Sale of Property

Selling a property can be a very stressful time in your life. Whether it is your home or an investment property, United Solicitors understand that completing on time and within budget is your primary concern.

What is the legal process for selling a property?

With the help of our solicitors, the process of selling your property is a relatively straightforward one.  The legal steps to selling your home in England and Wales are as follows:

a. Sale Agreement

b. Exchange Contracts

c. Sale Completion

How much will it cost?

From day one, we will seek to give you outstanding value and keep costs to a minimum.

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