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Contract Drafting


During the course of business, businesses can have a need bespoke contracts to document relationships with clients, suppliers and third parties. It is imperative that such contracts are drafted bespoke to the circumstances of the individual agreement.

This is important so that all parties are aware of their rights and obligations but also to avoid disputes arising in future should the parties disagree as to their obligations and liabilities under the contract.

In many cases when contractual disputes arise, the fault does not lie simply with one party that has – either deliberately or inadvertently – breached the terms of the contract. Quite often, contracts can be so vaguely worded that they entirely fail to clarify the obligations of one or both parties.

Equally, even a skilfully drafted contract may be unenforceable in court if its terms are demonstrably unfair or unreasonable.

Can you help with drafting my contract?

At United Solicitors, we have a specialist team dedicated to drafting contracts and we are here to help you.

How much will it cost?

From day one, we will seek to give you outstanding value and keep costs to a minimum. We can discuss with you and offer a range of funding options that may be appropriate to you.  

Why choose us to draft your contract?

We help thousands of clients per year and we will ensure that your contract is drafted meticulously. 

How long will it take to draft my contract?

The answer varies depending on the nature and complexity of the contract. From the outset, we will give you clear advice and ensure that you are kept fully informed of any issues that may arise when trying to draft your contract.

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