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Challenging Refusal of UK Visitor Visa

You can challenge the refusal of your UK visitor visa application by way of Pre-action Protocol (PAP) and Judicial Review (JR). Contact us for legal advice.

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Challenging Refusal of UK Visitor Visa

If you believe that your visitor visa has been refused wrongly and unlawfully, you can challenge the refusal of UK visitor visa by way of Pre-action Protocol (PAP) and Judicial Review (JR).

It is distressing and devastating when visitor visa applications are refused, leading to cancel family reunions and important business meetings. You cannot appeal the visitor visa refusal but still you can challenge the visitor visa refusal by way of Judicial Review.

Our immigration solicitors are specialists in UK visitor visa applications and in challenging UK visitor visa refusal. Our solicitors will file the pre-action protocol representations before issuing the judicial review proceedings and your application may be overturned at this stage.

Our expert lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the pre-action protocol representations and judicial review process. We will guide you through the correct application procedure, including the Pre-action Protocol for Judicial Review, and quickly advise you if your case provides an opportunity toward a successful outcome of Judicial Review.

At United Solicitors, we will take the time to carefully examine why your visit visa application was refused and advise you on the best course of action to take. We may advise you to re-apply or challenge the same decision, depending on the chances of success. You can be confident that as an SRA regulated firm, we will act with the utmost integrity and direct you to the cost-effective path explaining the chance of success.

Appeals and judicial review can be a complex process. Fortunately, our years of experience mean you can trust that your application will be correctly submitted, and the process explained to them in a clear, concise manner.

You can contact us on 01612258181 or leave your details here for a call back request regarding your immigration matter.

Grounds for challenging a visit visa refusal

When considering whether there are arguable grounds that the decision was unlawful, the following matters may be relevant:

  • Has the ECO correctly applied the relevant law as set out at Appendix V of the Immigration Rules?
  • Is the decision in accordance with the Home Office published policy on visitors?
  • Has the ECO taken into account all material considerations/ evidence?
  • Has the ECO taken into account immaterial considerations?
  • Has the ECO made a factual error?
  • Has the ECO provided sufficient reasons to enable you to effectively challenge the refusal decision or to reapply?
  • Is the decision Wednesbury unreasonable, i.e. so unreasonable that no reasonable decision-maker, acting reasonably, could have made the decision?

Pre-Action Protocol before judicial review

Before an application for judicial review can be submitted to the courts, a pre-action procedure must be followed. Through pre-action protocol letter we provide an opportunity to the UKVI to overturn the decision of your visitor visa without going to the Upper Tribunal for Judicial Review.

If you are not provided with your deserved remedy at the pre-action stage, the next step is to submit an application for judicial review.

Re-apply after visitor visa refusal

After the thorough assessment of your application, our visitor visa specialists will advise you if it will be better to re-apply for visitor visa after the refusal rather than challenging the refusal of the visitor visa application. If your visitor visa has been refused due to the lack of some information or documents, then we recommend re-applying with the fresh information and evidence. We also recommend rebutting the previous reasons of refusals in fresh application to satisfy the Entry Clearance Officer. Our team of visitor visa solicitors can provide the required legal help to re-apply for visitor visa.

Our legal fees

  • For PAP stage, we charge a fixed fee starting from £600 – £900
  • For Judicial Review stage, we charge a fixed fee starting from £1000 – £2000

Challenging Refusal of UK Visitor Visa