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Divorce and Separation

Are you looking for fixed fee divorce solicitors in Manchester? Speak to our highly experienced family law & divorce solicitor to get free advice today!


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Fixed Fee Divorce Solicitors In Manchester (Free Advice)

A relationship breakdown is never easy for you or your family. As well as being a difficult time emotionally, often the uncertainty creates added stress and worry. Our highly experienced and friendly divorce solicitors can provide legal assistance and make things easier in such periods.

As a specialist family law firm in Manchester, we provide divorce related services on a fixed fee basis. Contact our divorce solicitor & get free advice today.

Most people will find online tools and the court service of particular help as the procedure is not so complex. However, in a court system where there is inherent delay, incorrect or incomplete form filing can lead to unwanted delays resulting in increasing legal costs and more importantly, a lack of understanding of the complex law surrounding a divorce.

How Can Our Divorce Solicitors Help?

Our divorce solicitors can assist you to reduce delays, costs and the resultant stress levels by filing and completing your paperwork in the correct manner. We will advise you of the legal consequences and work with you to suit both your emotional and financial needs during this incredibly difficult time.

United Solicitors aren’t just divorce solicitors, we’re specialists in all family issues. Below is a list of some common family law matters:

Free Divorce Advice Online

Are you looking for free divorce advice? With our online enquiry form or Live Chat feature, you can contact our family law experts for free, fast, friendly, and reliable divorce advice.

Feel free to ask a question to our free divorce solicitors regarding your divorce and family law matter. Free divorce advice online is provided 24/7 including outside our office hours. Our free divorce advice solicitors reserve the right to provide free divorce advice based on availability and discretion.

Separation Agreement

United Solicitors specialises in drafting separation agreements for clients. When creating or negotiating your separation agreement, you will need to consider the following:

  • Your assets
  • Finances
  • Children
  • Business matters
  • Any debts

The purpose of a separation agreement is to clarify the financial and family arrangements and responsibilities, thus avoiding the need for court involvement in the future and speeding up the divorce process, if the couple decides to proceed.

We provide expert advice and high quality, sympathetic service that will protect your interests in a separation agreement.

Why Choose Our Family Law Or Divorce Solicitors in Manchester?

United Solicitors is one of the top family law firms in Manchester with almost 14 years of experience. We have the best team of family lawyers, who are always ready to tackle any difficult situation you may face with your partner or in relation to your children.

You can book an appointment to discuss your matter confidentially or call us on 0161 225 8181 to speak to one of our family law lawyers.

Whatever your legal needs, our family lawyers will support you and fight to protect your best interests. Our team includes expert negotiators, able to help you to find an agreement that suits everyone, keeping disputes out of court where possible.

If your case does have to go to court, we will be by your side every step of the way. We have experience in taking cases all the way to the Supreme Court if needed, so you can trust that we have the expertise needed to get the best outcome for you.

Fixed Fee Family Solicitors In Manchester

Our fixed fee divorce and family law solicitors can represent you in your divorce and family law matter on a fixed fee basis with flexible payments. We accept payment of our affordable fixed fees by instalments.

If you don’t want to instruct on a fixed fee basis, we can also take your matter on an hourly rate basis.

How Can We Help With Family & Divorce Matters?

We offer fast, professional, affordable, and exceptional divorce and family law services. Our family solicitors will guide you through the process of getting a divorce towards sorting out your financial settlement.

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Divorce and Separation