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Are you looking for the best family law solicitors or divorce lawyers in Manchester? We are one of the top Family law firms in Levenshulme, Manchester.

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Best Family Law Solicitors & Divorce Lawyers in Manchester

As a team of the best UK Family law and divorce solicitors in Levenshulme, Manchester, we at United Solicitors are committed to offering the best legal services to our clients. Our highly experienced Family law solicitors provide a wide range of UK Family law and divorce-related services such as Divorce, Financial Settlement, Child Arrangements Order, Prenuptial Agreements, Non-Molestation & Occupation Orders and so on. Our Manchester-based dedicated team of expert UK Family law solicitors are competent in the most complex family matters. Our family and divorce solicitors can provide the required legal advice and services virtually. In most cases, there will be no need for you to visit and meet with a family solicitor face to face. To get advice regarding your relationship or children, you can call us on 0161 225 8181 and we will take your details and get one of our solicitors to call you to discuss your family law issue.
Our highly experienced UK Family law solicitors in Manchester are ready to offer legal assistance & expert advice for any UK family law enquiry you may have.

Divorce and legal separation

We can support you with all legal aspects of your divorce, including swiftly issuing a divorce petition and guiding you through the different divorce stages until your marriage is legally terminated. As specialist Resolution and Law Society, Family Law Panel accredited solicitors, we are committed to helping settle matters calmly and constructively, helping minimise the impact on you and your children. If your divorce is not straightforward, we can arrange independent mediation services to reach an agreeable solution you are both happy with. Of course, every situation is unique, and if mediation isn’t working, we can be by your side to guide and represent you through any confrontational or court process.

Financial Matters

Reaching a financial settlement is one of the most complex and contentious areas within the divorce. We are highly experienced in reaching fair, deserved financial settlements, and have carved out a strong reputation for resolving difficult, high-value divorce cases. We can handle all aspects of your financial settlement, including dividing shared assets, such as property, money, investment products, possessions, and private and work pensions. We can also identify and advise on less obvious assets, such as trusts, stocks and shares, inheritances, and business interests, ensuring you receive a fair financial settlement

Children law

As specialist Child Law solicitors, we understand the exhausting emotional disagreements that arise about your children’s care – from where they live and go to school, to when they spend time with each parent. We can help make supportive arrangements for your children through mediation. However, if it is not possible to agree, we can apply for a Child Arrangements Order via the Court. We can also advise on action to take if the other parent fails to comply with the Court order, as well as specific issues relating to your children’s parenting. If both you and your partner agree on divorce or dissolving a civil partnership, we provide a fixed-fee divorce. Otherwise, our services are charged at a competitive hourly rate. We will always provide you with a clear cost estimate at our initial interview, helping you to budget sensibly.

Domestic abuse

Family Dispute Resolution

Why choose United Solicitors for divorce and family law matters?

United Solicitors is one of the top family law firms in Manchester with almost 14 years of experience. We have the best team of family lawyers, who are always ready to tackle any difficult situation you may face with your partner or in relation to your children.

Whatever your legal needs, our family lawyers will support you and fight to protect your best interests. Our team includes expert negotiators, able to help you to find an agreement that suits everyone, keeping disputes out of court where possible.

If your case does have to go to court, we will be by your side every step of the way. We have experience in taking cases all the way to the Supreme Court if needed, so you can trust that we have the expertise needed to get the best outcome for you.

As specialist immigration solicitors in Manchester, we can prepare and submit your UK family visa application under Super Priority Service (decision within 24 hours) to the Home Office. Get in touch with our immigration experts for free immigration advice in Manchester.

Whether you wish to apply for a UK visa from outside the UK, renew/extend your UK family visa, apply for settlement or British Citizenship on the basis of your family visa, we are ready to offer you dedicated and expert immigration advice.

No matter where you live, our immigration specialists can provide the required immigration services remotely.

Contact our family law solicitor on 0161 225 8181 to get reliable & confidential legal advice and assistance with a divorce or any other family law matter. For detailed advice, please book an appointment with our expert immigration solicitor today.

Fixed fee family solicitors

Our fixed fee divorce and family law solicitors can represent you in your divorce and family law matter on a fixed fee basis with flexible payments. We accept payment of our affordable fixed fees by instalments.
If you don’t want to instruct on a fixed fee basis, we can also take your matter on an hourly rate basis.

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