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Emergency Protection Orders

Emergency Protection Orders: Ensuring Immediate Legal Safeguarding

In times of crisis or imminent danger, individuals may find themselves in urgent need of legal protection and intervention. Emergency Protection Orders (EPOs) serve as a crucial legal mechanism designed to provide immediate safeguarding for individuals facing significant threats to their safety, well-being, or rights. United Solicitors recognizes the paramount importance of swift and effective legal action in such circumstances, offering comprehensive support and representation to clients seeking Emergency Protection Orders.

Understanding Emergency Protection Orders:

Emergency Protection Orders are legal directives issued by a court to protect individuals who are at risk of harm or abuse. These orders are typically sought in situations involving domestic violence, child welfare concerns, elder abuse, or other emergencies where immediate intervention is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals.

Key Features of Emergency Protection Orders:

EPOs are designed to provide immediate protection to individuals facing imminent danger or harm. Upon issuance, these orders may include provisions such as restraining orders, removal of an abusive party from the home, or granting temporary custody of children to a safer guardian.

EPOs are usually temporary in nature, intended to address the immediate crisis and provide interim protection until a more comprehensive legal resolution can be achieved through further court proceedings.

In many cases, EPOs can be obtained through an Ex-Parte Application, meaning that the requesting party can seek the order without the presence of the opposing party. This expedited process allows for swift action in emergency situations where waiting for a traditional hearing would pose a risk to the individual’s safety.

While EPOs are granted without a full hearing, they are subject to subsequent review by the court to ensure that the orders are warranted and appropriate. This allows for the opportunity to present evidence and arguments before a more permanent decision is made.

Seeking Emergency Protection Orders with United Solicitors:

At United Solicitors, we understand the urgency and sensitivity of situations requiring Emergency Protection Orders. Our experienced team of United Solicitors is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective legal representation to individuals in crisis, guiding them through the process of obtaining the necessary protection swiftly and efficiently.

Our Approach:


Emergency Protection Orders are a vital legal tool for ensuring the immediate safety and protection of individuals facing imminent danger or harm. United Solicitors is committed to standing by our clients in their time of need, providing unwavering support and effective representation to secure the necessary legal safeguards without delay.

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Emergency Protection Orders