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Care Proceedings

Child Arrangement Orders

Care Proceedings are a legal process initiated by local authorities or other relevant agencies to safeguard the welfare of children who may be at risk of significant harm. These proceedings aim to determine whether a child should be removed from their family home and placed into the care of the local authority, a relative, or a foster family.

Understanding Care Proceedings:

Care Proceedings are typically initiated when concerns arise regarding the safety or welfare of a child within their family environment. These concerns may stem from issues such as neglect, physical or emotional abuse, substance misuse, domestic violence, or parental incapacity. The primary focus of care proceedings is to ensure the child’s best interests are protected and that they receive the necessary care and support to thrive.

No matter where you live, we can provide the required legal services remotely. At our office, 80% of our cases are being handled without the need for our clients to visit our office.

The Role of United Solicitors:

United Solicitors understands the sensitive and complex nature of care proceedings and is dedicated to providing expert legal representation and support to families involved in such matters. Our experienced solicitors specialize in family law and have a deep understanding of the legal framework surrounding care proceedings. We are committed to advocating for the rights of parents and children throughout the entire process.

Key Stages of Care Proceedings:

Before initiating formal Care Proceedings, the local authority is required to undertake a Pre-Proceedings process. During this stage, social workers work with the family to address concerns and explore potential solutions to safeguard the child without the need for court intervention.
United Solicitors can provide legal advice and representation to parents during this crucial phase to help them understand their rights and responsibilities.

If concerns persist and it is deemed necessary to involve the court, the local authority may issue Care Proceedings. This involves filing an application with the family court, outlining the reasons for concern and the proposed course of action.
United Solicitors can assist parents in responding to the court application and preparing their case for hearings.

Once proceedings are initiated, the court will schedule Case Management Hearings to review the progress of the case and set timelines for further actions, such as assessments and reports.
United Solicitors
can represent parents at these hearings and ensure their voices are heard throughout the process.

The court may order various assessments and reports to gather evidence about the child’s welfare and the family’s circumstances. These may include social work assessments, psychological evaluations, and medical reports.
United Solicitors can help parents understand the implications of these assessments and challenge any findings that are not in their best interests.

The Final Hearing is where the court will make a decision regarding the child’s future placement. This decision is based on all the evidence presented during the proceedings and is guided by the principle of the child’s best interests.
United Solicitors will advocate vigorously for our clients during the final hearing, presenting their case persuasively and seeking the best possible outcome for the family.


Care Proceedings can be emotionally challenging and legally complex for families involved.
United Solicitors is here to provide compassionate support and expert legal guidance every step of the way. Our dedicated team of solicitors will work tirelessly to protect the rights of parents and children and ensure that the outcome of care proceedings is fair and just. If you are facing care proceedings or have concerns about your family’s situation, contact United Solicitors today for confidential advice and representation.

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Care Proceedings