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Child Arrangement Orders

If you and your ex-partner cannot agree on the time your children will spend with each parent, the Court has the power to make decisions for you, known as Child Arrangements Orders.

Child Arrangement Orders, which have replaced Child Contact, Child Custody Orders and Residence Orders, are legal agreements setting out where a child should live (residence), who they should spend time with (contact) and who the children are allowed to see during the contact.

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Types Of Child Arrangement Orders

There are 2 types of Child Arrangement Orders:

  • Live with – the Court can decide which parent the child will live with, or if they will live equally with both parents.
  • Spend time with – when parents cannot agree the arrangements for the child to spend time with the parent they do not live with, the Court can decide the exact timings.

Can A Child Arrangements Order Be Changed?

Yes. You are able to apply to the court to vary a child arrangement order if this is something you are unable to agree with the other parent. You should apply to vary the terms of the order, rather than denying access or breaching the order and potentially allowing the other party to apply for enforcement proceedings.

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Child Arrangement Order