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Understanding Housing Disrepair Claims:
A Guide by United Solicitors


As tenants, we have the right to live in safe and habitable homes. However, when landlords fail to maintain their properties adequately, tenants can find themselves living in uncomfortable, even hazardous conditions. In such cases, tenants may be entitled to make housing disrepair claims to ensure their homes are brought up to standard. In this blog, we’ll delve into what housing disrepair claims entail, how they work, and how United Solicitors can assist tenants in seeking the necessary remedies.

What are Housing Disrepair Claims?

Housing Disrepair Claims are legal actions taken by tenants against their landlords to address problems with the condition of their rented properties. These claims typically arise when landlords fail to carry out necessary repairs, leading to issues such as damp, mould, faulty heating systems, leaking roofs, plumbing problems, and structural defects. Such conditions can not only affect the comfort and well-being of tenants but also pose health and safety risks.

The Process of Housing Disrepair Claims:

The first step in making a housing disrepair claim is to assess the extent of the disrepair. Tenants should document the issues they are facing, including photographs, correspondence with the landlord, and any relevant reports or assessments.

Tenants are usually required to inform their landlords of the disrepair issues in writing. This serves as a formal notice, giving the landlord an opportunity to rectify the problems within a reasonable timeframe.

If the landlord fails to address the disrepair despite being notified, tenants may seek legal advice from solicitors specializing in housing disrepair claims, such as United Solicitors. Legal professionals can assess the situation, advise tenants on their rights, and guide them through the claims process.

In some cases, mediation or negotiation between the tenant and landlord may be attempted to resolve the issues without resorting to legal action. However, if such efforts are unsuccessful, tenants can proceed with formal legal proceedings.

With the assistance of solicitors, tenants can initiate legal action against their landlords by filing a claim in court. The court will then assess the evidence presented and determine whether the landlord is indeed responsible for the disrepair and what remedies should be provided.

 If the court finds in favor of the tenant, it may order the landlord to carry out necessary repairs, compensate the tenant for any losses or expenses incurred due to the disrepair, and potentially reduce the rent until the issues are resolved.

How United Solicitors Can Help:

United Solicitors is a reputable law firm specializing in various areas of law, including housing disrepair claims. Their experienced solicitors understand the challenges tenants face when dealing with unresponsive landlords and are committed to helping tenants secure the remedies they deserve. Here’s how United Solicitors can assist tenants:

United Solicitors’ team of housing disrepair specialists has extensive knowledge of tenant rights and landlord obligations under housing law. They can provide expert legal advice tailored to each client’s specific situation.

United Solicitors can represent tenants throughout the claims process, from initial assessment to court proceedings if necessary. Their solicitors will advocate for their clients’ interests and work tirelessly to achieve a favorable outcome.

United Solicitors can negotiate with landlords on behalf of tenants to reach amicable solutions outside of court whenever possible. Their negotiation skills can help expedite the resolution process and minimize stress for tenants.

If litigation becomes unavoidable, United Solicitors’ solicitors are proficient advocates in court. They will present compelling arguments and evidence to support their clients’ claims and strive to secure the best possible outcome.


Housing disrepair can significantly impact the quality of life for tenants, but they are not powerless in addressing these issues. With the assistance of experienced solicitors like those at United Solicitors, tenants can assert their rights and hold landlords accountable for maintaining safe and habitable living conditions. If you’re experiencing housing disrepair problems, don’t hesitate to seek legal advice and explore your options for making a claim. Your home should be a place of comfort and security, and legal recourse is available to help ensure it remains so.